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Real World Use Cases

How we bridge the gap between Web3 projects and everyday life.

Capital Markets

Already in our portfolio! See: Cryptix Tokenization

Unlock a dynamic secondary market, foster fractional ownership, diversify portfolios, and enhance liquidity. Web3 streamlines transactions, offering diverse investors access to high-value assets through innovative avenues.

Already in our portfolio! See: Rocksolid

Break barriers for individual investors. In Real Estate, Web3 streamlines transactions and boosts liquidity. In Trade Finance, it ensures transparency, security, and operational efficiency.

Tokenization democratizes digital art access, expands markets, and ensures authenticity. In gaming, it establishes true asset ownership, interoperability, and enhances monetization opportunities for creators.

By blending with Web3, educational credentials gain secure verification, ease of access, and lifelong portfolios. Intellectual Property Management sees efficient rights handling, direct monetization, and global reach.

Enable real-time tracking for enhanced transparency, counterfeit prevention, efficient inventory management, and data-driven insights, optimize operations and predict market trends.

Democratize investment, lower barriers, and foster community engagement. Increase funding for green energy, enable revenue generation for asset owners and promote sustainability.

Empower individuals, provide control over personal data, monetize opportunities, preserve privacy through blockchain, and foster trust with transparent and secure records.

Already in our portfolio! See: The People’s SCE

Revolutionize election integrity through secure blockchain technology, foster increased voter participation and decentralize decision-making. Trust and accountability improve with verifiable and immutable voting records.

Incentivize emission reductions and align with climate goals. Tokenization lowers entry barriers, enhancing transparency, and accountability. It facilitates funding for green initiatives through accessible carbon market participation.

Innovate with peer-to-peer risk sharing, customize products, reduce operational costs, and enhance accessibility. Tokenization broadens access to insurance, especially in underserved regions.

Already in our portfolio! See: eCredits

Tokenized loyalty programs in retail enhance customer engagement with flexible rewards. Tokenization aids dynamic pricing, inventory management, and supply chain transparency for resource efficiency, security, and individual data control.

Ensure secure medical records, foster efficient data sharing for better treatment, and accelerate research participation through token rewards. Decentralized healthcare services enhance accessibility, particularly in remote areas.

Optimize global trade finance by digitizing documents and accelerating cross-border transactions. Automated debt instruments revolutionize issuance and trading, improving efficiency, transparency, and liquidity.

Tokenized carbon credits incentivize emission reductions with simplified and transparent trading. Tokenization fosters peer-to-peer energy trading, optimizing renewable energy distribution, reducing grid dependency, and promoting clean energy sources.

Tokenized films, TV shows, and media projects provide new funding avenues and revenue-sharing opportunities. Tokenized music rights empower artists with control over earnings and fan support.

Tokenized virtual assets transform ownership, trading, and value, extending to economic models, creating virtual economies across various digital experiences, and securing digital identities and reputations.

Tokenized credentials ensure authenticity and simplify validation. Tokenization can innovate research funding, allowing researchers to issue tokens for project funding, providing donors with stakes in outcomes or future revenues.

Enable fractional ownership of yachts, private jets, and artworks, making high-value assets accessible. Tokenization enhances liquidity, creates a dynamic market, and ensures secure, transparent ownership records with blockchain.

Convert shares into digital tokens for simplified investment, boost accessibility, enhance liquidity, and automate management, streamlining interest payments and increasing operational efficiency.

Democratize investments with tokenization, welcoming smaller investors. Improved liquidity transforms traditionally illiquid private equity investments, and blockchain ensures transparent and efficient fund management, fostering trust.

Offer fractional ownership of unique items like art and antiques. Tokenization broadens the market, increasing liquidity and valuation, while ensuring authenticity and transparent ownership history.

Grant direct investor access to markets dominated by institutions. Increased transparency enhances risk understanding, and improved liquidity and diversification elevate investment portfolios.

Open to wider investor participation, breaking entry barriers. Streamlined trading processes enhance efficiency, while improved transparency aids in better risk assessment and management.

Make venture capital investments accessible to a broader range of investors, enable real-time valuation and enhance liquidity. Automated fund management streamlines operations, reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Already in our portfolio! See: Habsburg Gemstone

Digitize ownership of precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, and gemstones, boosting accessibility and market liquidity. Real-time pricing enhances investment decisions, while secure and efficient trading prevails on diverse platforms.